by Henk Ruyssenaars – Foreign correspondent

FPF – 25 September 2008 – It may be all ‘false flags’, which in most cases also will be proved, but you know what I think the global problem for humanity is? We human beings can NOT understand that there are ‘humanoids’ – they look like human beings anyhow – who kill for power and profit. We can not understand that millions upon millions and mountains of corpses to those ‘humanoids’ only mean millions in money and power, and ‘mountains of profit’.

It has gone so far in those years, that in the US – and its colonies – the compliant media are not allowed to show the flag draped coffins, all the body bags, or the real horror of the wars the US/UK/NATO war machine and the mercenaries inflict. – Take your pick via Google’s ‘selection’ of the ‘released Pictures” – Url.:

We are not supposed to understand all the absolutely inhuman war crimes those ‘humanoids’ are guilty of, and the millions of dead people in all by them illegally – and contrary to all international conventions and treaties – invaded countries.


Ron Susskind, a US american propagandists – and ‘one of them’ – wrote about their sick mind as a phenomena in the New York Times, one of the the warmongers most abject propaganda rags: “In the summer of 2002, after I had written an article in Esquire that the White House didn’t like about Bush’s former communications director, Karen Hughes, and I had a meeting with a senior adviser to Bush. He expressed the White House’s displeasure, and then he told me something that at the time I didn’t fully comprehend – but which I now believe gets to the very heart of the Bush presidency.

The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off.

”That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. ”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” – Source: the New York Times propaganda rag – Url.:

You see what our, what humanity’s problem is? Why we die by the millions? As the former British Prime Minister of England during the late 1800’s, Benjamin D’Israeli wrote: “So you see… the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” (Coningsby). And here it is: “The Evil Empire Revisited” – Url.:

It’s difficult to believe too, that those ‘humanoids’ control global monetary affairs, and this money mafia’s ‘Bank for International Settlements’ is based in Basle, Switzerland. The BIS they run, is ‘central bank to central banks’.


And via this BIS organisation the ‘humanoids’ have greater immunity than a sovereign nation, is accountable to no one, runs global monetary affairs and is privately owned. It really is inhuman and incredible. All the Bernankes, Paulsons, Greenspans and Kissingers are there, on the Board they invented. The world borad… – BIS – Url.:

We don’t understand that those ‘humanoids behind the curtains’ don’t care. Just one small example: pro year their killing/usury system kills at least – according to Unicef – ten million children under the age of five. If you’ve seen a child die, you understand why people are heartbroken. But ten million children every year? Plus all the other millions which die? What kind of creatures are they, those humanoids? How can those who do this to humanity all over the world live their life? One of the answers – why those ‘humanoids are ‘beyond insanity – is given here at Url.:

But I maintain – and I have both the age and all the experiences abroad for more than four decades – that humanity’s problem is that we can NOT comprehend that they are so bad. A plague that has been pestering humanity for such a long time. That so few ‘humanoids can do so much damage to so many people: it’s just too bad to be true. They vegetate in another matrix, and they are convinced they ate right and that our world doesn’t work anymore. Their sick thinking has replaced human common sense, and those ‘humanoids’ use all ways to do it. TV, radio, papers, it’s all theirs and it’s all propaganda and other lies. It’s the false and faked reality they want us to believe.


And it’s my conviction too, that if we don’t stop those ‘humanoids’ and their genocidal ‘dark forces’ in every country, humanity is going to be extinct.

The armed forces – and their are some that use their brains – have to turn their guns around and arrest all those who are guilty of crimes against humanity. Just look at the deeds of the ‘humanoids’ and you’ve got evidence enough for a couple of life times in jail.

It’s not a matter of nationality, race, religion, politics, color or whatever: killers are killers, and that can’t be tolerated. They must be caught and punished everywhere.

Otherwise humanity as we know it, will end.




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