OSHO: I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here #7

“The whole of humanity is normally insane – a few people become abnormally insane; they go beyond the border of common sense. But the difference between your insane and the so-called sane is only of degrees. Perhaps you are ninety-nine degrees and the other person has gone to one hundred and one – past that line. And all that psychoanalysis is to bring him back to the ninety-nine degree insanity. One hundred and one degrees is dangerous.

The whole of psychoanalysis and all kinds of other schools that have developed – analytical psychology, or psychosynthesis, Assagioli, Carl Gustav Jung, Adler, and then there is a long line of people who are inventing their own therapies – they are as sick people as anybody. Your priests are as ignorant as anybody, your psychoanalysts are more in danger than you are – because they know there is no God. Your philosophers, your giants of intellect are in more danger than the retarded people. The retarded people don’t worry at all; they don’t know that God is dead. They have not heard it yet.

But sooner or later they are going to hear it. How long can it remain a secret? The priests have been keeping it a secret too long, and now they are themselves becoming aware that there is no God as they used to believe. So they are inventing new gods – a last flare-up of energy before the candle goes out and it becomes dark.

My effort is not an ordinary religious sermonizing. My effort is, before this candle goes out you should have your inner light ready, so you don’t fall into darkness, that you don’t go mad. I want you consciously to drop God, consciously to drop all lies and fictions in the name of religion, and start the other side. First, freedom from, and then the other side, freedom for – freedom for celebration, freedom for rejoicing.” Osho

OSHO: I Celebrate Myself: God Is No Where, Life Is Now Here #7


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