Bradley Manning is a Fictitious Person

Bradley Manning is a Fictitious Person

By DallasGoldBug (Reporter)
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Thu Dec 16 2010 16:45

I demand the government provide us with proof that the person they claims is behind the Wikileaks leak, the same individual they claim to have in custody, is a real person.

Where are interviews with his mother, of his father? (VIDEO INTERVIEWS)

Why aren’t the mainstream media camped out on his Aunt front lawn? Interviewing his neighbors? Painting a picture of him from VIDEO interviews from anyone close to him in his life.

I’ve debunked his DD forms that were posted online, reportedly showing his charges as a forgery, not even good ones at that.

I’ve debunked the hand full of photo released online reported to show Manning holding gay pride signs, and in the arms of his “lover” which have obvious signs of fakery.

Why are there no video footage of him growing up, or interviews done with his childhood friends?

Where is his mug shot?

You will only see Photoshop images of him and those I have debunked in my other articles.

There is absolutely NO, let me repeat myself, NO evidence that provided thus far that would prove he is actually a real, living and breathing person.  ABSOLUTELY NONE.

So before you send your hard earned money to help support this imaginary person, think again, your probably giving it right to the people like AIPAC that are behind this entire Perception Management PsyOp.

How is it that Adrian Lamo was able to talk to the media so freely even before an investigation was performed by officials.  This is absurd, you know the FBI would never compromise an investigation by allowing a person directly involved with the person of interest to go blabbing to every media outlet the details of his encounter with a person he cant even verify as being who they claimed they were since his communication was in the form of instant messages.

You know a gag order would be in place till the trial of this so called leaker.  So not to compromise any evidence that  could cause a mistrial.

People wake up and stop believing the lies.  Demand they show proof of his existence.  DO NOT GIVE HIS FUND ANOTHER DIME UNTIL YOU HAVE PROOF.  and I don’t mean photos, I mean Video with sound where he is talking to the camera and addresses the current date or event that will verify the video is authentic.

You will never see such evidence, the only thing you will see is a courtroom sketch of him, and I’m sure it will be in a suggestive pose to stir up some kind of opinion of him. Then he will be sentenced to life in the underground prison in Colorado never to be seen or herd from again.  Just like all the other false flag operations.  Underwear bomber, shoe bomber, times square  bomber, Jihad Jane, the latest FBI setups, the list goes on and on.

Court room sketches then disappear, all fake, all created to con you.  Wake UP!



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