door Milarepa op vrijdag 20 augustus 2010 om 11:05

Though grief in the Ocean of Samsara

Is preached, and its renunciation is urged,

Few people are really convinced

And renounce it with determination.

Though knowing that life will ever turn to death,

Few feel uneasy, or think that it will end.

Though their life is blessed with good prospects,

Few can practice abstention for a day.

Though the Bliss of Liberation is expounded

And Samsara’s pains are stressed,

Few can really enter the Dharma Gate.

Though the profound Pith-Instructions

Of the Whispered Lineage are given without stint, few

Without fail can practice them.

Though the teaching of Mahamudra is expounded

And the Pointing-out demonstration is exercised,

Few can really understand the Essence of Mind.

To the hermit’s life and the Guru’s wish

One can always aspire, but few

Can put them into practice.

The perfect, skillful path of Naropa

May be shown, without concealment,

But those who can really follow it

Are very few.  My dear lad,

You should follow in my footsteps

If in this life you want to do

Something that is worthwhile.



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