Existence loves you, that’s why you exist




Existence loves you, that’s why you exist




Everybody is God’s beloved; that’s why we are. God has chosen us to be, and one only chooses out of love.

The creation is out of love. You desire a child out of loye. And God loved the world so much that he created the trees and the rivers and the mountains and man and woman. So everyone, not only man but birds and animals and trees and rocks are all God’s beloveds. The love is continuously showering but it is so close and so obvious, that’s why we go on missing it. We are born in it, we live in it and we die in it, like a fish in the ocean. Sometimes the fish may be wondering, ‘Where is this ocean? Where should I go to find the ocean? Does the ocean really exist or is it just a myth?’

Exactly like that is God and his love: you are surrounded by it, you are breathing it in, breathing it out. It is nothing but his love. Existence loves you, that’s why you exist; existence desires you, that’s why you are alive. The moment you recognise this fact great gratitude arises and that gratitude is what constitutes the basic religious consciousness.


*OSHO VISION excerpted from: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho)The Open Door (a 26th darshan diary)  * Chapter 12 * Osho talked to Swami Dev Preetam – Sylvain from Canada * Page 149 & 150       * First Edition:  September  1980 * Wednesday    December  14th 1977    7-00.p.m. * Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Shree Rajneesh Ashram, Poona, Maharashtra, India.



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