Love is the only thing that knows no death; everything else dies.

Love is the only thing that knows no death; everything else dies.





To come close something has to change inside you. Something that is a kind of no has to become yes; only then can you come to me. Physically you can be close; that won’t help. A different kind of participation is needed, and that is the whole purpose of sannyas, so that you are in an attitude of yes. That is the greatest secret there is — to say yes. Then things start immediately opening and there is contact.

Life ordinarily prepares us to only say no. Life goes on corrupting our minds and creating doubts. Because of those doubts and because of those no’s and the negatives, one becomes enclosed, one lives in a kind of imprisonment, a China Wall surrounds one. That wall is invisible, transparent, so you don’t know that it is there, but it is always there. Once you say yes it starts disappearing.

To say yes is to be religious. Yes is the most sacred word. One Christian saint, a really significant man, Saint Francis of Sales, only had six words in his prayer, ‘Yes, Father, yes, and always yes.’ That was his whole prayer and I have never come across a better prayer. Nothing more can be added to it: ‘Yes, Father, yes, and always yes.’ But my feeling is that this is a kind of repetition. One yes will do: why say’Yes, Father, yes, and always yes’? Yes means everything. It is always, it is forever. One single yes is enough. It should be intense, it should be total.

One yes is already too much. And if you understand me, and some day you will understand me, if you can say yes without even using the word ‘yes’ then it is the uttermost in prayer. One word is more than enough; no word is the ultimate. Just a yes attitude, a climate of yes . . . not a verbalisation but a heart full of yes. Not something in the head but in the very bones and the marrow.

When you can say a total yes, the being starts becoming a flame. The being immediately flashes into a flame. It is exactly as if you bring a small flame into oxygen and it flares up. The moment you say yes your being flares up and becomes a great flame.

Sannyas is nothing but a sacred yes. That is the meaning of Jesus’ saying that faith can move mountains. The word faith is ugly. I say that yes can move mountains, although yes never wants to move mountains. It is always no that wants to move mountains, it is always doubt that wants to move mountains. Faith can move mountains but does not want to. Doubt cannot but wants to.

If I was to write the Bible again, I would say yes was in the beginning and yes was with God, and yes was God.

Love is the only thing that knows no death; everything else dies. Love is the only reality that never dies.

It is the eternal in existence, it is the very stuff that existence is made of. Everything is on the surface, it is at the core. The surface changes; the core remains the same. One flower comes, another flower comes, and another. Beauty continues, flowering remains eternal. One lover, another lover and millions of lovers, but they all float in the same river of love. Lovers are born and die. Love goes on.



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