Was Hitler a Rothschild?

By Clifford Shack

The year was 1836. Baron Salomon Mayer Rothschild was then the powerful head of the Vienna branch of the famous banking family.

That said…

Consider the following information taken from the official Rothschild biography, “The House of Rothschild: Money’s Prophets 1798-1848″, written by Niall Ferguson:

“According to [Salomon Rothschild’s clerk] Moritz Goldschmidt’s son Hermann, whose memoir is one of the few detailed first-hand descriptions we have, Salomon was even more lacking in social graces…”

“…at their house in Dцbling on Sundays he flirted with the prettier girls present ‘in a manner which was not always proper or polite. This included cracking crude jokes if any women present were pregnant.’” [Page 200]

“He had a lecherous passion for ‘very young girls,’ his ‘adventures’ with whom had to be hushed up by police.” [Page 442]

During the 1930′s the Vienna police aided the Austrian Chancellor, Dolfuss, in his investigation into the origins of Adolph Hitler. Hitler, who was of course a native Austrian let his intentions known that he would be annexing Austria. Dolfuss attempted to block the annexation known as the Anschluss. Dolfuss intended to use the only weapon that he had against Hitler…blackmail.

Consider the following excerpt from “Inside the Gestapo” a book written Hansjurgen Koehler who was at one time Hitler’s bodyguard:

” When Dolfuss became Chancellor of Austria, Hitler had been the cynosure of the world’s interest for a considerable time, yet strangely enough little was known about him. Nobody could explain how he came to bear the name Hitler, as his father had been called Schueckelgruber. Nobody knew how many brothers or sisters he had…the greatest mystery enveloped the Fuehrer’s private life, family relations, origin. Chancellor Dolfuss started to investigate Hitler’s secret. His task was not very difficult; as ruler of Austria he could easily find out about the personal data and family of Adolf Hitler, who had been born on Austrian soil.

Through the original birth-certificates, police registration cards, protocols, etc., all contained in the original file, the Austrian Chancellor succeeded in piecing together the disjointed parts of the puzzle, creating a more or less logical entity.

And there was one thing-whether true or not-which might have been a dangerous weapon in Dolfuss’ hands.

This was what he had ascertained:

A little servant maid from Upper Austria called Matild Schueckelgruber came to Vienna and became a domestic servant, mostly working for rather rich families. But she was unlucky; having been seduced, she was about to bear a child. She went home to her village for her confinement. Her little son, being illegitimate, received his mother’s name and was called Alois Schueckelgruber. (In some documents, Schickelgruber).

Now followed the most important and perhaps most compromising piece of the Dolfuss ” collection.” I must repeat that I have no proof of its genuineness. It may have been manufactured as a fitting weapon against the Nazi chief, who was not squeamish about his own weapons. Certainly it was rather shattering in all its consequences.

This document aimed at clearing up the great life tragedy of a small Upper Austrian maid-after more than sixty years. Matild Schueckelgruber, grandmother of Adolf Hitler, had come to Vienna to get a job. And there something happened to her which was a common thing in the great capital, and yet a private catastrophe; she was bearing a child under her heart; she had to go home to her village and face the disgrace.

Where was the little maid serving in Vienna? This was not a very difficult problem. Very early Vienna had instituted the system of compulsory police registration. Both the servants and the employers were exposed to heavy fines if they neglected this duty. Chancellor Dolfuss managed to discover the registration card. The little, innocent maid had been a servant at the…Rothschild Mansion…and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house.

The Dolfuss file stopped at this statement.”

I beg to differ with Dolfuss’ description of Hitler’s grandmother. In 1837, when Hitler’s father was born, she was about forty years old. She wasn’t little. Nor was she an innocent. She did work in the mansion of Baron Salomon who was, if nothing else…sexually out-of-control.

Salomon’s son, Anselm wrote to his uncle:

“He [Salomon] is unfortunately in such a state of moral collapse…it would have been much better if he had left Vienna…” [Page 466]

The real question does remain…

Was Salomon Rothschild Hitler’s secret paternal grandfather?

Hitler and the Gestapo went to great extremes capturing the original documents which would have shed light a great deal of light here. Chancellor Dolfuss would be assassinated in the process of recovering those documents. [See The Fatal File for the full amazing story of intrigue]

Decide for yourself…

Was Hitler a Madman or a Frontman?

The world knows Hitler as a madman. The world, however, was never presented with the information you have just read.

If Hitler was a Rothschild frontman… a natural question occurs…

Why would the Rothschilds wipe out European Jewry?

If you research the matter you will find that much of German Jewry was transported to Palestine with the help of Hitler himself…

Adolph Hitler: Madman or Front man? This is the question…



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