Atom of consciousness



If one can become a small atom of bliss then all is achieved. We are atoms in the body of god, very tiny atoms. If our tiny atoms can learn how to dance and sing and be blissful — that’s what makes us part of the divine bliss — then we become part of the great harmony.

When we are miserable we are out of god because god is bliss; by being miserable we separate ourselves from him. When we are angry we are out of him; when we are full of jealousy we are out of him. Not that he expels us . . . we expel ourselves. The moment we are again in harmony, in love, in joy, we become part of the greater harmony.

All that one needs is to learn how to be joyful. And that is one of the calamities that has happened to humanity: religions have made people more sad rather than making them more joyful. They have made people feel guilty. They have made the whole life a serious affair.

The stars go on dancing and moving and the trees and the birds and the oceans, the sun and the moon. Except for man the whole of nature is full of bliss, ecstatic. Except for man the whole of nature is psychedelic . . .  and primitive man was also psychedelic. The primitive societies knew no other religion than dancing. Dance was their religion and dance was their prayer and dance was their door to god. The more sophisticated man became, the more civilised. The churches started looking like very gloomy places. Laughter died . . .  smiles disappeared.

Now this indivisible atom of consciousness can exist in two ways: it can exist in sadness — then it is in the world — it can exist in bliss; then it is in god. These are just two styles possible, and the same energy is needed for both. The same energy not allowed to move becomes stagnant, stale, creates sadness. The same energy allowed, expressed, flowering, overflowing, becomes bliss.

So one can forget religion, one can forget all religious dogmas if one can remember only one thing: how to live joyously, cheerfully, how to live a life of laughter. Then all else follows on its own.

God comes one day and takes you unawares, but he comes only when there is absolute joy. In that absolute joy you are in tune, bridged. That is the orgasm that hindus have called samadhi: the drop has fallen back into the ocean.


*OSHO VISION excerpted from: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho)The No Book, No Buddha, No Teaching, No Discipline ( a 22nd darshan diary)  * Chapter 4

Swami Jagdish Bharti


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