“Once George Gurdjieff did a great experiment with a few of his disciples in a faraway part of Russia, near Tiflis. For three months all the disciples had to remain absolutely silent. Not only were they not to speak to each other, they were not even to recognize each other. Thirty disciples were living in one house, but each disciple had to live as if he were alone. In fact in each room there were six, seven disciples, sharing, but each disciple had to exist as if he were alone. That was the condition.

Within three days twenty-seven disciples were thrown out—out of thirty! Only three remained to the very end. And the last day of the three month’s experiment, Gurdjieff took them all out into the garden, he sat with them and suddenly all three become very surprised because he was not speaking and yet they heard him speaking. It was absolutely unbelievable. He was just in front of them completely silent and they heard his voice so clearly…

That was the last day, they were allowed to speak now, so all three spoke almost simultaneously: “what are you doing? You are completely silent but yet we hear your voice coming from somewhere within our own being!”

Gurdjieff said, “Out of three months silence, it has become possible now, I can speak as your own self, your surrender has been total. In fact, today you have become a disciple. Now you are no more, hence I need not speak from the outside.”

The outer Master becomes the inner to the true disciple. It is a great experience, but all depends on trust, surrender and such a total love that it knows no quarreling, knows no argument, knows no doubt… It is difficult, but worth achieving; there is nothing else that is more valuable.

That utter silence—no noise of the mind and no center of the ego—that egoless, mindless consciousness, makes one a true disciple. And it is the greatest achievement in life, because God is available only to the true disciple.”

— OSHO, The Rainbow Bridge Chapter #27

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