the mind has no reverse gear , osho

in china they have the right proverb: the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. and nobody is given the right to take two steps together. everybody is equal as far as steps are concerned. you can step one by one ; and a journey of ten ten thousand miles can be completed just by small steps.

if you look to much at your small step and the faraway sunlit peaks , you are bound to feel ; perhaps this is not for me . but i say unto you : it is for everybody.

just as love and trust has arisen in you about me, wait a little more . you will find that same trust and the same love arising within you for yourself too. the master is only a catalytic agent. he triggers a proces in you . all that is needed is a little patience , just a little patience . wait with gratitude and start the journey.

if i can reach to the sunlit peak, then every human being is capable of reaching it ; because i am not special,i am just one amongst you . there was a day that i was in the dark valley and i was also trembling , seeing the unknown , far away peaks . but  i thought: at the most i may not reach. anyway i am in the valley- even if i don’t reach to the peak, even if i reach only halfway, what is the harm ? in the next life i may be able to complete the journey. but there is no point in wasting time , just sitting in the darkness of the valley and always remaining afraid.

i started the pilgrimage- not with the certainty that i will reach, but with the certainty that at least i can get out of the darkness of the valley- and once i was out of the darkness of the valley, suddenly my steps became bolder, my heart became more certain. and it was not only me who was moving to the peak- it will be very difficult for you to understand- i saw that in every movement , the peak was also moving towards me .

another arabic proverb: when you move one step to wards god , he moves one thousand steps towards you . these small proverbs contain the essence of centuries of wisdom. when you see the peak also moving towards you , suddenly you grow wings. now there is no need to walk- you can fly. such lightness comes to your being ; all fear, all weakness, all human fraillty , disappear . suddenly you understand it is not only you who need the peak- the peak also needs you. it was not only you who was waiting for the peak- the peak was also waiting for you .

in your meeting the whole excistence is going to celibrate.

the rebellious spirit  chapter 6


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