That’s why people don’t want to see that simple fact that ’I have not loved yet.’~OSHO~

That’s why people don’t want to see that simple fact that ’I have not loved yet.’~OSHO~ How does this compassion arise? – because it cannot be cultivated. If you cultivate, it becomes kindness. How has this compassion to be brought into life? You cannot go into the scriptures, you cannot read and be helped by what Buddha and Christ say – because that will bring intellect in, it will not bring intelligence. You cannot go on loving more and more, the way you have been loving up to now. If you move in the same direction you will not attain to compassion. Your love is not in the right direction. If you go on loving in the same way – if you listen to a Buddha talking about love, or a Christ talking about love, and you think, ’Good. So I have to love more, the way I have been loving up to now’ – then your quantity will be more but your quality will remain the same. You will go in the same direction. Your direction is basically wrong. You have not loved. Once this thing sinks deep into your heart, that ’I have not loved yet’…. Yes, it is very terrible to feel that ’I have not loved yet’ – it is very very hard. We can believe others have not loved – that’s what we already believe . Nobody has loved you – that’s okay, people are hard. But to see that you have not loved shatters your ego. That’s why people don’t want to see that simple fact that ’I have not loved yet.’ And because they don’t want to see, they don’t see. And because they don’t see, they are never going to be transformed. They will go on moving in the same rut; they will go on repeating the same mechanical thing again and again. And again and again they will be disillusioned. So how to bring compassion in? If it was just your love you could have run in the same direction – to run faster, with more speed and more quantity, would be the right thing to do. But you are not in the right direction. So if you go faster, you will be going faster away from it, not towards it. Speed is not going to help, because in the first place you are moving in the wrong direction – it is the direction of lust and desire. Then how to bring compassion in? And I say it is not feeling either. Otherwise you can cry your heart out, you can beat yourself, you can cry a thousand and one tears for a thousand and one sufferings all around, you can become very emotional. You can feel for everybody in Vietnam, in Korea, in Pakistan, or anywhere; you can feel for all the poor people. Leo Tolstoy remembers his mother in his memoirs. He says she was a very kind woman, very very kind – ’kind’ in the sense I am using it, not in the sense of compassion. She was very kind – so kind that she used to cry in the theater the whole time. They were very rich people, they belonged to royalty. A servant used to be around Leo Tolstoy’s mother with many handkerchiefs when she would go to the theater, because she would need them again and again. Crying the whole time. And Tolstoy says: But I was surprised to see that in Russia, even in winter when the cold would be so much, below zero, and snow would be falling, she would go to the theater – she was a great lover of theater – and the driver of her coach would go on sitting outside the coach in the falling snow. And almost always it used to happen, the man would die. Because nobody knew when the countess would come out – any moment she would get so much disturbed by the theater that she would run towards home to fall into her bed and cry. So the coachman, the driver, had to be there on the coach and it would happen that he would get so cold that he would die. And when she would come out the driver would be thrown away, replaced by another man, and she would go on. And she would never think about this man, who had simply died there for no reason. And she would go on crying tears for something she had seen in the theater. Sentimental people, emotional people. It costs nothing to cry, it costs nothing to feel. It costs much to be compassionate, it costs your whole life to be compassionate. A man of compassion is a very realistic man. The man of feeling simply lives in dreams, vague emotions, fantasies. So it cannot be brought through feeling, either. Then how to bring it? What is the Zen way to bring it? To bring it, the only way is meditation. It is attained through meditation. So we have to understand what meditation is… OSHO’S LOVE ❤


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