Perhaps the planet will not be saved–Osho

Man has always lived in unconsciousness, but the darkness was never as much as it is today. There have been nights, but always the dawn has come. THIS TIME IT SEEMS TO BE DOUBTFUL WHETHER THE DAWN WILL COME OR NOT.   I am not a pessimist, but I am no longer an optimist either. I used to be — now, I am simply a realist. And the reality is: PERHAPS WE ARE VERY CLOSE TO THE END OF THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET, with all its beauty, all its life, and all its great achievements. There seems to be no ray of hope from anywhere. And perhaps when I am saying this, it is not me who is saying it; perhaps it is existence itself who has lost hope about humanity and its future.   THE ONLY THING THAT I STILL GO ON DREAMING FOR IS MY PEOPLE. Perhaps the planet will not be saved, but those who have come to me, if they make a little effort to become conscious, to create a longing for enlightenment, at least they can be saved. But if you go on behaving like the masses of the world, you are also a lost case.   IMMENSE RESPONSIBILITY RESTS ON YOU because nowhere else in the whole world are people trying, even in small groups, to achieve enlightenment, to be meditative, to be loving, to be rejoicing. We are a very small island in the ocean of the world, but it does not matter. If these few people can be saved, the whole heritage of humanity, the heritage of all the mystics, of all the awakened people, can be saved through you.   IF THIS PLANET DIES, PERHAPS ON ANOTHER PLANET…. There are fifty thousand planets which can sustain life; perhaps civilization has to begin from ABC on some other planet. But who will be the pioneers? These dark masses, utterly unconscious, cannot be. Only a few chosen ones who have strived hard to make themselves deserving of light, of eternal life, of some experience of godliness — perhaps they will be the ones who will be starting a new civilization somewhere in the universe, on some new planet.   I have never said this before but, going around the world, I have felt such a wound in my heart that the people who need to be saved are the people who are creating every kind of barrier to being saved. Even to approach them has become impossible. And seeing the whole world, I started feeling that THERE IS NOW ONLY ONE POSSIBILITY, and that is to create in the consciousness of those few who have come close to me, a Noah’s Ark. It will not be a physical thing, but A NOAH’S ARK OF CONSCIOUSNESS which moves a small group of conscious people to another planet. That seems to be the only possibility to save the great heritage of humanity.   You cannot depend any longer on the politicians and on the priests, and on the masses who seem to be willing, deeply desiring, to die. DEATH SEEMS TO BE THE GREATEST DESIRE IN THE WORLD TODAY, and because I have been talking about life and love and laughter, I have been condemned from every corner.   I can understand the reason: to spread the message of life, love and laughter amongst people who, deep down, are getting ready to commit a global suicide… this is very contradictory to them.   PERHAPS WE WILL HAVE TO MEET ON SOME OTHER PLANET — this planet seems to be spent. And it is not new: planets are born, planets die; stars are born, stars die — so it is not something strange. And the preparations are going so well that it seems almost an impossibility for life to survive here on this earth. The whole blame goes on those vested interests which have kept humanity unconscious, and don’t want man to become intelligent and conscious, alert and aware. Anyway, it seems too late.     OSHO The Hidden Splendor Ch #11: A Noah’s Ark of consciousness pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

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