~ OshO ~ The earth cannot tolerate this type of mankind any longer ~

~ OshO ~   Man is now living in his most critical moment and it is a crisis of immense dimensions. Either he will die or a new man will be born… Unless human consciousness changes totally man cannot survive. As he is right now he is already outdated… there will be every kind of destruction on earth including natural catastrophes and man- manufactured auto-suicidal efforts. In other words there will be floods which have never been known since the time of Noah, along with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and everything else that is possible through nature.   The earth cannot tolerate this type of mankind any longer. There will be wars which are bound to end in nuclear explosions, hence no ordinary Noah’s Arks are going to save humanity. I say to you that except this there is no other way… Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bombay, etc.– all these cities are going to disappear, and the holocaust is not going to be confined to certain places. It is going to be global, so no escape will be possible. You can only escape within and that’s what I teach.     ~ OshO ~

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