dynamic med.

Never suppress, but never create any chains – this is the rule. Remember
not to suppress, and remember not to create any chain. Once you learn the
art you can be free of all these madness which come into you, without
creating any disturbance in life. Every day catharsis is needed. Life is
complex and many things come into the mind which have to be thrown. That’s
why I emphasize Dynamic Meditation so much. You don’t know what you are
doing here. When you get into it you are doing all sorts of things. Somebody
is throwing anger, somebody is throwing jealousy, somebody throwing hatred,
somebody throwing his sadness, screaming – the whole life of misery is being
thrown in it.
Make it a point every day: just as you clean your body every day, clean your
mind. This is a bath for the mind. Throw everything but don’t throw upon a
person that is violence. Throw it into the vacuum.”
Osho, Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi, Chapter # 7


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