OSHO Kundalini Meditation,

Beloved Friends of the 7 days of OSHO Kundalini Meditation,

Today we want to congratulate Firdauz the centerleader of the participating
OSHO Information Center in Pordenone, Italy
to his 70 BIRTHDAY !!!
what a way to celebrate this body – this very lotosparadies – HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Firdauz, we are soooo greatful that you
share your agelessness with us 🙂

Today’s Osho quote is our gift to you:

“That is why for the first stage you shake your body. The purpose of shaking
is that whatsoever energy is lying suppressed or dormant anywhere melts;
wherever it is lying stuck or blocked, it starts flowing from there. If you
shook your body totally and wholeheartedly for these minutes, all suppressed
energy would be activated and would start flowing.

Then in the second stage is: dancing. The purpose of dancing is that the
energy that has now spread all over you can transform into bliss and you
dance as if you are in a celebration; as if some great phenomenon has taken
place; as if a light has descended in your life! So dance blissfully!
Because more blissful you are the more your energy rises up, and the more
the energy rises up the more blissful you become. So if you became ecstatic
and started dancing, as if you have drunk the whole tavern…a lukewarm dance,
a miser’s dance wouldn’t do. That you are dancing under some compulsion;
that “what else to do, now I am trapped!” or, “let us see, maybe there is
something to it!” No. This wouldn’t do. A lukewarm effort will not help. It
needs intensity. One is dancing, as if gone mad!
Godliness is not attained without becoming mad. If you moved through your
intellect, then you would remain where you are. It requires going a little
beyond your intellect.

When the energy is flowing and you are soaked with bliss, then stand still
or sit down still, so that the energy can have now the full opportunity to
flow. It is better to sit down so that only the spine remains. The whole
body has disappeared, only the spine is there. And the energy can move up
through the spine and accumulate in the whole spine.

Next, one is to lie down, so that it becomes furthermore easier for the
accumulating and upwards rising energy and it begins to hit at the tenth
Osho, Talks on the Songs of Kabir, Talk 9


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