osho meditation listening

whether you use an OSHO Talk from

or you use an audio talk for the Evening Meeting Meditation – or you do a
OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation and the music is there, you may want to try
listening the way Osho discribes it here:

“While you are listening to me as I am speaking, do not focus all your
awareness on me:
also be aware of the one who is listening. Someone is outside, someone is
listening within. Between the two, words are passing. Do not get lost in the
speaker or become so hypnotized that the listener is completely forgotten –
because the listener is more important.
His remembrance must be there. The arrow of consciousness has to be
double-pointed: one pointing towards the speaker, the other towards the
listener. Consciousness should stretch in both directions. Only then, your
understanding will be very deep. If the listener is asleep, what can the
speaker communicate?
But if the listener is awake, then even if the speaker remains silent, you
will be able to understand the silence”. Osho


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