The meaning of ‘Osho’

On 27 February, the disciples of Rajneesh collectively decided to call him Osho Rajneesh. Osho is a term derived from ancient Japanese, and was first used by Eka, to address his master, Bodhidharma. `Osho’ means “with great respect, love and gratitude” as well as “synchronicity” and “harmony.” `Sho’ means “multidimensional expansion of consciousness” and “existence showering from all directions.”   Osho is a very honorable word. There are many respectful words, but the sweetness of Osho, the love, the respect, the gratitude, all are together in it. It is just like Christians using `reverend’, but that is no comparison to it. Just the very sound of Osho—even if we don’t understand Japanese, the very sound is very sweet. hyaku09   William James has given this word, `oceanic’ to the world. The ocean has always been there, but once in a while a man of insight gives it a totally new dimension. He is the first man to use the word `oceanic’ in the sense of vastness, infinity, eternity, immortality. It is always there; waves upon waves go on coming. Just as in the ordinary ocean, so in the ocean of consciousness: waves upon waves, unending joy, unending dawns, unending celebration….   And remember…I am not going to be here forever, so don’t escape from the ocean.

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